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We are London based, family run accredited letting and management agency, HMO specialists working to highest industry standards. Our mission is to provide unique rent guaranteed, reliable management services for busy landlords and progressive agents. We specialise in multi let properties, placing professional, fully checked and insured tenants in well maintained shared houses in London area.

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Most property owners simply want to guarantee an income without the daily hassles of being a landlord and find that our offer provides a quick, easy and profitable solution. 



Being a landlord is often stressful. You may be overwhelmed by legalities, rent areas, voids, repairs, complaints, evictions etc. Probably you have already experienced at least one of very long list of things that may go wrong in your property. We want to take the hassle off your head and give you back your life. 


As a successful, progressive agent you know that leveraging time by delegating tasks to outsourcing companies may be the fundamental key for your success. Choosing us You work with reliable, legitimate, professional, fully insured and following Property Ombudsman Code of Practice external company



  • You can receive rent every month and have no void periods for up to five years
  • You can get paid for full occupancy and not worry about non-paying tenants
  • You can sit back, relax and not have to look for new tenants or contact agents
  • You can give up the day-to-day landlord responsibilities, such as leaking taps and clogged toilets
  • We can take care of the painting, decorating, furnishings, etc
  • We can pay all of the utilities, council tax, boiler insurance, etc 
  • You can move out of the student market and into the professional market



  • You will get the tenant find fee from the landlord
  • You will continue to get the management fee from the landlord (if the property is currently fully managed by you)
  • You would not be required to undertake any work at all except pass the guaranteed rent to the landlord
  • We would take care of the property and be responsible for rent collection from our tenants along with taking care of any maintenance and tenant issues
  • The letting agent simply needs to find us a suitable property and then collect your commission for the next 5 years with little effort on your part.  
  • We are looking for local letting agents to work on long-term for a win-win arrangement 

FREE refurbishment - check what we can do to your house

We take houses in all conditions within London area. From the moment of signing the contract with us, you will always get your rent on time for up to 5 years. No matter if your property is occupied or not or tenant stops paying. We take all risk off your shoulders. We look forward becoming your paying, perfect tenant. Our long term Guaranteed Rent Scheme means you have no voids anymore. We also cover all tenancy issues, repairs and light refurbishment. We add value to your property.

Is your agent talking to you about licensing?


From October 2018 you may need permission to let your house

Government proposals to amend mandatory licensing rules will see an additional 174,000 properties require a HMO licence from October 2018. It means that you may also need permission from the council to let your property.   

Currently, any property which has 3 or more storeys and 5 or more tenants requires a Mandatory HMO Licence. From October  every property with 5 or more tenants will require mandatory licencing. In some areas there are already even more strict rules. Some councils operate under Additional Licencing Scheme, which means that each property where 3 unrelated tenants leave also requires licencing. Where Selective Licencing applies, unlike the other forms of licensing which relate to HMOs, then normally all houses within the private rented sector for that area must be licensed, except where they require to be licensed as HMOs. Non licensable HMOs must be licensed under Selective Licensing. 

Licencing Schemes can be confusing and taking a lot of effort to obtain 


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With our partner we can do much more as Plutos Power Team connects London property managers and developers with highly qualified and reliable experts in the property field including builders, architects, property solicitors, surveyors, financiers, and skilled trades people 

What are the steps to work with you?

The process for landlords is simple. Instead of signing an agreement with a tenant, you sign an agreement with PI&M. You don’t need to do anything else. This contract will last 5 years and can be extended if desired. Setting up and managing an agreement is easy:


1. You tell us the monthly rental amount that you would be happy to receive. 

2. We provide an  agreement that has been drafted by our solicitors and sets out all of the terms.

3. We take over the management of the house and fill it with our professional tenants. 

4. You receive your guaranteed rent and watch your bank balance grow!

5. We return the house in great condition at the end of the period.

What is PI&M responsible for?

We are responsible for paying you the set monthly rental fee each month.  We fill the house with our professional tenants, we ensure all of the utilities and council tax are paid, we hire a cleaner and a gardener (where applicable) to watch over the property and take care of the communal areas.  We are the first port of call for the tenants if they have any problems.  We act as the landlord and take over all of the landlord responsibilities so that you don’t have to worry about any of it. Because our tenants expect the highest quality and standards we generally need to spend money up-front in order to make the house suitable.  There will be no cost to you for any interior upgrade work, decoration or furniture. Will I still make the same amount of money as usual? Yes!  You tell us how much you want to get paid! We generally pay about the same amount of money as you would earn if you were to let your property normally and we guarantee payment every month. The exact monthly amount and the time period will be agreed between us.  

Am I responsible for anything at all?

As a landlord, you will need to make sure the exterior/structure of the building is sound. PIM Lettings is not liable for repairs to these parts of the home (for example, roof tiles and structural soundness). As a responsible landlord, you should make sure the building is insured with the appropriate HMO landlord product, and that you have adequate safety and environmental certificates in place (e.g. Gas safety, Electrical Safety, EPC). Finally, if you have one, it is your responsibility to look after your own mortgage. 

How do you make money?

Unlike estate agents – we do not charge you any fees or commissions.  We earn our commission from the tenant that we put in to the house.  Because we work with local companies to rent to their professional employees and provide quality housing with flexible length terms and professional services we are able to receive a mark up on the monthly rent.  That may sound like a lot of work for us, but it doesn’t matter – your payments are guaranteed every month and you don’t have to lift a finger. 

Is this subletting?

No.  PI&M do not have an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) with the owner of the property. The AST is the contract that disallows sub-letting and is not appropriate in this situation. The contract that we use has been drawn up by a solicitor specifically for these types of arrangements.  

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